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Explore a comprehensive range of IT services, including web development, graphic design, SEO, and more. Additionally, discover tailored solutions beyond our standard service offerings.

digital agency
We stand as the premier creative design agency. We stand as the premier creative design agency.
We stand as the premier creative design agency.

Sefatun, a brand curated by seasoned professionals, encompasses a spectrum of IT-related services. Initially specializing in web design and development, we have expanded our offerings.

  • Innovative Business Strategist

    Innovative Business Strategist

    Our unique business strategy is poised to propel you toward your goals, positioning you at the pinnacle of success worldwide.

  • Forward-Thinking Business Strategist

    Forward-Thinking Business Strategist

    Our distinctive business strategy is designed to propel you towards your objectives, placing you at the zenith of global success.

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Our Offered Services Include


WordPress Plugin Development

We create custom WordPress plugins as per the requirements of our clients.

WordPress Bug Fix

Swift WordPress bug fixes for a seamless site. Trust us for smooth performance!”


A selection of our exceptional projects chosen with care

The primary objectives of our digital agency are to enhance every user’s experience and generate tangible impact for our clients.

Website Maintenance Package
Advanced<br><s><span class="woocs_amount_custom_price" data-value="550"  data-decimals="-1"  data-currency="" ><span class="woocs_amount">$ 550.00</span></span></s><div class="price"><span class="woocs_amount_custom_price" data-value="499"  data-decimals="-1"  data-currency="" ><span class="woocs_amount">$ 499.00</span></span> <span>/month</span></div>

$ 550.00
$ 499.00 /month

  • Up to 150 hours
    (up to 7 hours per day)
  • Up to 6 websites
  • Unlimited Revision
  • Screen sharing & video call
    (up to 3 hours per day)
  • 24/7 Support
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 Standard<br><s><span class="woocs_amount_custom_price" data-value="350"  data-decimals="-1"  data-currency="" ><span class="woocs_amount">$ 350.00</span></span></s><div class="price"><span class="woocs_amount_custom_price" data-value="299"  data-decimals="-1"  data-currency="" ><span class="woocs_amount">$ 299.00</span></span> <span>/month</span></div>

$ 350.00
$ 299.00 /month

  • Up to 100 hours
    (up to 4 hours per day)
  • Up to 3 websites
  • Unlimited Revision
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Our digital agency has two goals: optimize every user’s experience, and create real impact for our clients.
We are providing these two packages to easily manage our client's project.
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Our digital agency has two goals: optimize every user’s experience, and create real impact for our clients.

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